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Brownfields are often abandoned, with owners no longer maintaining the space or paying taxes. Abandoned properties can quickly become local blights and may attract vandalism and illegal dumping. They degrade the environment, depress communities and potentially put human health at risk.

Revitalizing Brownfields involves transforming these properties into something new, from neighborhood parks to commercial or retail spaces.


Through these above benefits, the program will allow Copper Corridor communities to: 

  • Attract Public & Private Investments to the Area

  • Create Green Space in the Community

  • Increase Property Values

  • Neighborhood Beautification

  • Eliminate Blight

  • Create Jobs & Increase Tax Revenue

If you are considering applying for the Brownfields Program we recommend speaking with a Copper Corridor Blight Busters Brownfield expert to provide more information. Until then, click on the button below to see recent case studies.

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